About me

Who I am

Hi, I'm Romain Spychala. I'm a 22 years old developer, and I like to learn new things.

I'm currently working at Genfit, a biotech company in Lille. My main project is the development and cloud hosting of a web app integrating large deep learning models.


What I did


After realizing that the path I was following as a student in sound engineering was not the one I wanted to follow, I decided to take time off and experiment. One of the first things I did was to learn how to code. I joined a bootcamp called The Hacking Project, and I learned how to code in Ruby and Javascript.


This experience was very rewarding, but I wanted to go further. I joined Simplon, a coding school in Lille where I learned Python and Datascience.

It's in the projects that I learned the most. I got to work on the things I learned and I could deepen my knowledge on the subjects I was especially interested in. I also got to work with other people, some of them are now my friends.

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What I like

I really like to learn new things and to experiment, so my hobbies change a lot. Some things stick with me though. Here are some of the things I've done in the past:

  • Playing the piano and learning music theory
  • Solving a rubik's cube in 20 seconds, and solving similar, harder, puzzles
  • Learning Chess (I'm still terrible however)
  • Speedrunning games (Out There Somewhere, a bit of Minecraft)
  • Diving into the world of typography and weird symbols
  • Digging into the custom keyboard rabbit hole and building some
  • Re-taking the habit of reading like I used to
  • Learning different keyboards layouts (qwerty, colemak dh)

Currently, I spend my free time reading about typography, watching videos and riding my bike on saturdays.


What I do

The skills I picked up during my studies and personal projects are various. Rather than listing them all, I'll just list the ones I'm most proud of.

Programming languages

The languages I have the most knowledge on are: Ruby, Javascript, Python and Golang. The 3 last ones are the ones I still use regularly.


The frameworks I've used the most are: Ruby on Rails, React, Svelte, FastAPI and Gin.

Collaborative work

I understand the Agile mindset and I know how to apply it. I've noticed the difference it makes in terms of productivity and quality of work. I especially like to work with people that understand the importance of good communication and don't think of Agile as a burden.


I know how to use Docker, Git and Linux pretty well. I have enough knowledge of AWS, Azure, Bash, SQL and NoSQL to use them in a project.